We love photography a lot. The kind you can watch, and watch, and watch...

The kind that is about all and nothing at the same time. The kind that is about mood, colour, beauty
and something else we cannot put our finger on.

We – that’s Moscow professional photographers Julia Saponova and Natasha Shchastlivaya.
We both work with the leading glossy magazines as well as with advertising agencies and art galleries.
Of course we pay attention to technical detail when we select images for our collection.
However, first of all we are guided by whether or not we feel comfortable
with them – after all these images are to hang in peoples’ homes or offices.

The total print run of each image is 33 copies – hence the name of our gallery.
These 33 copies can be all different in terms of size and finishing, but all carry the author’s signature.

Natasha and Julia